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It is vital to give your medical malpractice case the resources it deserves, and Dr. Allen Nichol is an invaluable expert witness and source for support.

Medical malpractice cases stemming from the misuse of prescription drugs continue to be an area of concern for both doctors and insurance companies.

With so much on the line, it’s important to give your case an exceptional defense that not only saves you money, but preserves your reputation as well.

That’s where Dr. Allen Nichol comes in.

With a distinguished career as a pharmacist, pharmacy consultant, health care entrepreneur, professor, writer, researcher, lobbyist and more, Dr. Nichol is one of the most respected medical experts in the country and has offered his support and testimony to a wide variety of cases.

The Right Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Witness for Your Case

Dr. Nichol offers case reviews, expert testimonies and other litigation support, utilizing his expertise in all of the following areas:

Give Your Case the Best Philadelphia Medical Expert Witness

Dr. Nichol has helped clients all over the country avoid unfortunate fallouts from frivolous lawsuits and he can help you, too.

To learn more about what this Philadelphia medical malpractice witness can do for your case, contact Dr. Allen Nichol today.
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