Dr. Allen Nichol

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Pittsburgh Medical Expert Witness

As more Americans continue to take prescription drugs, insurance companies and doctors are at risk of increased frivolous lawsuits. Dr. Allen Nichol makes sure that doesn’t happen.

It’s about protecting your money but, more importantly, it’s also about protecting your reputation.

With a growing number of unfounded and unjustified medical malpractice cases, that’s exactly what’s on the line

And as a member of the medical community, you know how important your reputation is. If you’re the target of a frivolous lawsuit, it’s vital to give yourself the best possible litigation support.

Dr. Allen Nichol – the Preferred Pittsburgh Medical Malpractice Expert

Dr. Nichol is the Pittsburgh medical expert your defense needs, as his distinguished career as a pharmacist, pharmacy consultant, healthcare entrepreneur, writer, researcher, professor and political lobbyist gives him the unique ability to see a case from every angle.

He has saved doctors and insurance companies millions of dollars through a wide variety of testimonies in diverse lawsuits by simplifying complicated medical concepts and having an intimate understanding of pharmacology.

Dr. Nichol’s wide-ranging areas of expertise include:

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When your money and reputation are on the line, it’s imperative that you give your defense the review, support and testimony it deserves.

You’ll get all of that and more with Dr. Allen Nichol. Contact him today to learn more about what makes him the ideal Pittsburgh medical expert witness.
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