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Your Cincinnati, Ohio Medical Expert Witness

Cincinati Ohio Medical Expert Witness

Dr. Allen Nichol | A Cincinnati, Ohio Medical Malpractice Expert

Are you looking for a Cincinnati, Ohio Medical Expert Witness?

Dr. Allen Nichol is a Cincinnati, Ohio medical expert who can help.

With years of experience in academia, in pharmaceutical practice, and in providing expert testimony, Dr. Nichol is primed to be the best Cincinnati, Ohio medical expert witness available.

Finding the Right Cincinnati, Ohio Medical Malpractice Expert is Simple

An experienced Cincinnati, Ohio medical expert witness is just a phone call away. Lawsuits, especially medical ones, can be overwhelming and complicated. Lighten your burden and alleviate stress by allowing Dr. Nichol to use his skills as a malpractice expert to solidify your defense.

What Particular Areas Does Dr. Nichol Cover?

His breadth and depth of knowledge allow him to be the Cincinnati, Ohio medical expert witness of choice for the following subjects and more:

  • Pre-Clinical Toxicology Support:
  • Study Data Review and Analysis, Report Preparation, Peer Review, Risk Characterization, Comparative Risk

  • Drugs of Interest:
  • Alcohol, Botox, Cephalosporin, Cipro, Cocaine, Cyclosporine A, Demerol, Dylantin, Proscar, Keflex, Levanquin, Librium, Lithium, Mellaril, Methadone, Mineral Oil, Morphine, NuvaRing, Penicillin, Phenylpropanolamine, Prilosec, Progesterone, Zyprexa, Prozac, Soma, Viagra, Xanax, Zicam

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