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Ohio Medical Expert WitnessWhen it comes to frivolous lawsuits that target insurance companies and doctors, Dr. Allen Nichol is the Ohio medical expert needed to win a case.

The use of prescription drugs only continues to grow in the United States.

Unfortunately, that means the number of cases against insurance companies and the medical community only continues to grow as well.

With Dr. Allen Nichol on your side, though, you can fight – and win – these unnecessary lawsuits.

The Ohio Medical Malpractice Expert You Need

With a long, distinguished career as a pharmacist, pharmacy consultant, health care entrepreneur, professor, researcher and political lobbyist, Dr. Nichol is the perfect choice to be an Ohio medical expert witness and legal consultant for defense teams in any type of medical malpractice litigation.

Furthermore, Dr. Nichol has a wide range of industry experience, from dealing with an endless list of drugs to providing pre-clinical toxicology support, which includes: Dr. Nichol makes sure to communicate complex scientific language in an easy-to-understand way, and he continues to be well-respected for his expert knowledge of drug interactions.

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As medical complications related to prescription medicine continue to rise, doctors and insurance companies will be targets in frivolous lawsuits that can irreparably damage reputations and careers.

Dr. Allen Nichol has saved doctors and insurance companies millions of dollars in his time as an Ohio medical malpractice expert and is ready to give you the highest quality professional service in a timely and cost effective manner.

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