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Are you in need of a medical expert in Chicago? With years of diverse experience, Dr. Allen Nichol is the perfect addition to your case.

Doctors and insurance companies are the main targets in a growing number of frivolous lawsuits from patients who have experienced complications from prescription drugs.

In order to protect your reputation and avoid an unfair settlement, your case needs the best defense from someone who understands the industry from every angle.

That person is Dr. Allen Nichol.

The Chicago Medical Malpractice Witness Your Case Needs

Dr. Nichol has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in many diverse roles, from pharmacist, pharmacy consultant and entrepreneur to professor, researcher, lobbyist and more.

He has utilized that experience to provide litigation support for a wide variety of defense teams, displaying the ability to explain complicated medical concepts in a simple manner in the courtroom.

Dr. Nichol has dealt with many types of drugs (everything from alcohol to Zicam) and can help a defense team in many areas of pre-clinical toxicology support, including:

Get a Respected, Experienced Chicago Medical Expert Witness

If you are the subject of a frivolous lawsuit, nothing will be more important than giving your defense every chance to succeed.

With Dr. Nichol’s experience at your disposal, you will get the highest quality professional service in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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