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Cleveland Ohio Medical Expert WitnessAs frivolous lawsuits stemming from prescription drug use rise at an alarming rate, Dr. Allen Nichol offers his pharmaceutical expertise to help save doctors and insurance companies millions of dollars.

Settlement amounts in medical malpractice lawsuits continue to grow larger as doctors and insurance companies are pressured into cases that should have never seen the light of day.

That’s where Dr. Allen Nichol comes in.

As a Cleveland, Ohio medical malpractice expert, he lends his vast knowledge of drug interactions and pharmacology in case testimonies to save not just millions of dollars for clients, but their invaluable reputations as well.

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Dr. Nichol has spent a long and distinguished career in a variety of capacities, working as a pharmacist, pharmacy consultant, health care entrepreneur, professor, research and political lobbyist.

His unique experiences and ability to convey complicated medical concepts in a simple manner makes him an authority on an expansive list of drugs, pharmacokinetics, global pharmacy issues and more.

Dr. Nichol also has a great deal of experience in pre-clinical toxicology support services, such as:

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When you need an expert testimony in your case, Dr. Nichol is your ideal choice. As a highly respected member of the health care industry, he will give you the timely and exceptional legal services you need both in and out of the courtroom.

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