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Dr. Allen Nichol has enjoyed a distinguished career as pharmacist, pharmacy consultant, health care entrepreneur, professor, researcher and political lobbyist which contribute to his current role as an expert witness and legal consultant for the defense teams in medical malpractice litigation. The author of numerous publications and the recipient of prestigious awards, Dr. Nichol is widely respected by his peers in Columbus, Ohio and throughout the country. He has the unique ability to explain complicated medical concepts in a simple manner and has vast experience doing so through the discovery process and in the courtroom.

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With so much experience in saving doctors and insurance companies millions of dollars through a variety of testimonies in wide-ranging lawsuits, Dr. Allen Nichol is truly your best bet to avoiding a settlement that hurts your finances and, worse, your reputation.

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Expert Legal Opinions:

Attorney Fredrick Kass: Pharmacokinetics review for Personal Injury case: Case settled favorably 2010.

Attorney Gerald Dicuccio: Pharmacokinetics review in a wrongful death case versus Ross County: Case settled favorably 2011.

Attorney Al Censione: Pharmacokinetics review in a case regarding legal guardianship. Case settled favorably November 2011.

Attorney Gary Hammond: Pharmacokinetics review in the defense of a physicians accused of malpractice. Litigation was successfully resolved due to plaintiff lawyers withdrawing the case.

Attorney Gary Hammond: Pharmacokinetics review, hands on knowledge of nursing home pharmacy protocols. Litigation was successful in reaching out of court settlement.

Attorney Gary Hammond: Pharmacokinetics review in two separate cases still pending. One case involves defending of a physician accused of prescribing medication leading to fatality. Plaintiff lawyers exceeded time to provide their own expert to refute expert submission of Dr. Nichol. Motion for Summary Judgment is currently being prepared for submission to the court. Second case involving a nursing home physician is still pending.

Attorney Hillard Abroms: Pharmacokinetics review in a personal injury case. Case settled out of court spring 2012.

Attorney Hillard Abroms: Pharmacokinetics review involving Plaintiff damages incurred through issues surrounding Medication issues involving both a drug manufacturer and physicians. Deposition scheduled for October 2012. Case pending.

Attorney Kevin Popham. Two Cases: One case involves Pharmacokinetics review in a case involving anesthesia with drug interactions. Second case involves medication interaction of narcotic analgesics.

Expert Legal Opinions:

Nichol & Associates Pharmaceutical Care Consultants, Gahanna, Ohio; 1997-Current.

Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Clinical Operations at Ceuticare, Toledo, Ohio; 2006 to current.

Responsible for the development and maintenance of the clinical algorithms for collaborative practice sites. Assist CEO with marketing and sales approach for Ceuticare. Provide Medication Therapy Management for diabetes patients with co-morbid conditions.

Clinical Pharmacist at Grandview Family Medical Practice, Grandview, Ohio. 1998-2009 and Grandview Family Medical Care, 2009-2012. Director of the Diabetes Management Program and responsible for the overall patient care management, coordination of pharmaceutical care services and disease management systems for the medical practice.

The Ohio State University, College of Pharmacy, Adjunct Clinical faculty. Teach Pharm.D. Students on rotation for clerkship at Grandview Family Practice and Grandview Family Medical Care. I have averaged training over thirty (30) students per year over the past six year period (this includes both the entry level and non-traditional post graduate programs). 2001 to current.

University of Findlay, College of Pharmacy, Adjunct Clinical faculty. Currently teach Pharm.D. Students on rotation for clerkship at Grandview Family Practice. Average of six students per year over the past three year period. 2010 to current.

University of Toledo, College of Pharmacy, Adjunct Clinical faculty. Currently teaches Pharm.D. Students on rotation for clerkship at Grandview Family Medical Care. 2005-2012