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Columbus Ohio Medical Expert WitnessAre you the target of a frivolous lawsuit that stemmed from the misuse of prescription drugs? If so, Dr. Allen Nichol is the Columbus, Ohio medical expert your defense needs.

It’s no secret that overly litigious attorneys cause problems for the medical community.

But there are ways you can fight back.

With the help of an expert witness like Dr. Allen Nichol, insurance companies and doctors alike can save themselves from the harm caused by unnecessary lawsuits from confused Americans wrongly taking prescription drugs.

The Columbus, Ohio Medical Malpractice Expert Your Case Needs

Dr. Nichol has spent a long and distinguished career in a variety of positions, from being a pharmacist and consultant to health care entrepreneur, professor, researcher, lobbyist and more.

Now, he uses his vast knowledge of drug interactions, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and global pharmacy issues to successfully save insurance companies and doctors millions of dollars.

In addition to providing his expertise on a vast range of drugs, Dr. Nichol utilizes his experience in the following pre-clinical toxicology support services to help clients:

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With the unique ability to explain complex medical concepts in a simple, easy-to-understand manner, combined with a vast knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and various drug interactions, Dr. Nichol is the Columbus, Ohio medical expert you need to tip the scales in your favor. Contact Dr. Nichol below or at at 614-506-8128 to learn more about his litigation support services.
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